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On behalf of Social Vento, I extend heartfelt gratitude to NIET TBI for being an invaluable guide throughout our journey. From our early steps, NIET TBI's unwavering support has been instrumental. The guidance from the institute extends beyond conventional boundaries. NIET TBI is not merely a collaborator; they have facilitated essential connections that have enriched our professional network ensuring we connect with the right industry individuals for the right requirements of our startup. NIET TBI has also allowed us access to institute’s smart labs which have helped us in our R&D work and prototyping. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Raman Batra and the entire NIET TBI team for being pivotal partners in our startup journey.

Pratibha Saxena Social Vento

Spoxtale Digitech Pvt. Ltd. extends profound gratitude to NIET TBI for their unwavering support since our humble beginnings to our current standing. The assistance from NIET goes beyond financial support, encompassing crucial aspects such as brand exposure, startup strategies, and branding initiatives. This holistic support has played a pivotal role in enhancing our brand presence and expanding our market reach. NIET TBI has not only been a mentoring contributor but has also facilitated valuable connections. Through their extensive network, we've had the privilege of engaging with esteemed professors and participating in groundbreaking research initiatives. This exposure has enriched our understanding and broadened our horizons. In essence, Spoxtale attributes a significant portion of its success to the consistent and multifaceted support provided by NIET TBI. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Raman Batra and the entire NIET TBI team for being integral partners in our journey towards innovation and excellence.

Mohd. Usman Ovais Spoxtale Digitech Pvt Ltd

I am writing to convey my deep appreciation for the remarkable journey I have embarked upon with the support of NIET TBI. The guidance and opportunities you have provided have transformed my aspirations into reality, and I am truly grateful for your unwavering support. On the 6th of July, 2023, I received an unexpected and pleasantly surprising call from TBI. This an innovative platform that allowed me to participate in the MESME Hackathon for women by the 15th of July, 2023, all from the comfort of my home. This opportunity was truly transformative and empowered me to present my ideas on a larger stage. What sets NIET TBI apart is its comprehensive approach to nurturing innovation. The one-on-one discussions centered around my business idea were immensely beneficial, providing me with insights and refining my concept. Moreover, the meeting with the Angel Network for potential funding was an eye opening experience that illuminated the path towards sustainable growth. The information on international contests, made available at no cost to me, highlighted the extensive network and resources at my disposal through TBI, NIET

Hritik Gupta AI

Unlike previous organization, TBi at NiET motivated me into submitting application for Startup India registration of my own. Costs of travel-lodging-boarding were saved. The mentoring via virtual mode has also saved my time and increased confidence in Government's processes as well as self to attempt similar activities in future. The interactions have been extremely peasant and queries were resolved instantly, over phone itself. What else can an entrepreneur from MSME sector desire!

Akbar Ali Director

Uneako extends its deepest gratitude to Niet TBI for the unwavering support provided from our initial baby startup steps to our current standing. The support from Niet TBI has extended beyond financial aid, encompassing critical areas such as media exposure, marketing strategies, and branding initiatives. This comprehensive assistance has played a pivotal role in elevating our brand presence and market outreach. Niet TBI has not only been a financial benefactor but has also facilitated invaluable connections. Through their network, we have had the privilege of engaging with renowned professors and participating in groundbreaking research initiatives. This exposure has enriched our understanding and broadened our horizons. In essence, Uneako attributes a significant portion of its success to the consistent and multifaceted support provided by Niet TBI. We express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Raman Batra sir and the entire Niet TBI team for being integral partners in our journey towards innovation and excellence.

Ankit Tripathi Uneako

I extend rny heartf-elt -uratitude to NIET Incubation Centre fbr the pivotal role it played during the initial stages of my startup's journey. The working surroundings provided a fertile ground for creativity and innovation. fostering a collaborative spirit among f'ellow entrepreneurs. The facilities and resources at NIET u,ere instrunrental in shaping our startup's tra.jectory. and the memories tbrged drrring our incubation period will ah.r,ays hold a special place in our hearts. NIET Incubation Centrc not only offered a conducivc physical spacc but also scrved as a hub lor knowledge exchange and networking. The mentorship received from experienced professionals was invaluable, contributing significantly to our startup's growth. As w,e take the next steps in our entrepreneurial journev. we canli w.ith us the lessons learned and the unwavering support fiom NIET. I want to express my sincete thanks to the entire teatn at NIIIT Incubation Clentre tbr their commitment to nurturing the startup ecosystem. NIET will always be remembered as a crucial stepping stone in our success, and we look forward to staying connected and contributing to the thriving community that helped shape our foundarion.!


I am writing on behalf of the entire team at ScholarRank to express our deepest gratitude for the tremendous support and guidance that we have received from NIET-TBI. Reflecting on our journey, it is undeniable that NIET-TBI has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of ScholarRank. The diligence and unwavering support provided by your team have been instrumental in helping us achieve milestones that seemed beyond our reach. Without the invaluable platform and direction offered by NIET-TBI, we would not have realized the level of success we have attained. Your incubator has not only been a physical space for our company but also a nurturing environment that has fostered innovation, collaboration, and growth. The resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities provided by NIET-TBI have been crucial in shaping our trajectory and expanding our potential. The team at NIET-TBI has gone above and beyond in providing us with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. The guidance we have received has not only contributed to our professional growth but has also provided us with a clear direction in achieving wonderful results.

Ritik Kumar Founder&Ceo of ScholarRank

Relating career with strengths through an aptitude cum self assessment test, pilot project at NIET campus to save costs against our business idea of Contract Farming, Photography & Videography, contacts of mobile app developers, video editing related assignment for enhanced visibility, communication tactics during meetings with prospective allies /clients, budget components, pitching template, agri tech expo related information, mentoring on organisation structure and many more . I have been lucky to receive such a massive support within the last 15 days only from your end at TBI. It appears my desire for a better source of earning than a job will be fulfilled through assistance by TBI. Hence I express gratitude as well as willingness for continued support on a venture creation ahead besides idea finalisation.

Jainendra Sony PGDM (Management)

Thanks for guidance during our 2 previous meetings in July /Aug about our business idea on Tourism. We will be happy to keep getting your support, hand holding and mentorship so that we succeed .

Sameeksha shrivastava GeoTales

While the features of proximity to Metro, flexible hours, high speed internet, peaceful environment, convenient layout, affordable pricing of Co-working space themselves mean a lot to a start-up, what impressed us all the more was timely intervention by NIET TBI's Head, Mr. Neeraj Mittal, for our Pitch. He himself initiated 3 rehearsals, amplified our pitch through graphs & data tables while listening patiently. His mentorship-cum-advice to emphasize Purity of Leather as a differentiator from competition, Technology & Innovation to signify our venture as a Start-up besides other likely queries on Quality, Team for E-Commerce etc. ensured that we hit the bull's eye during our presentation before UP Government's Evaluation committee, for Funding. The judges appeared to be mesmerized with our home-work, courtesy the hand-holding support from TBI of Noida Institute for Engineering Technology at Greater Noida.

Mudassir Afaq Siddiqui Let's Talk Leather Private Limited

Meerapharmity had been searching for a technology partner for its Startup in Pharmacy Sector since last 6 months. About 15 days ago, we came in contact with NIET TBI. Due to quick response & networking support provided by them, all virtually, we have been able to sign an MoU today with EVE. We did not need to engage any lawyer for this MoU since NIET TBI made it available on the spot, at zero cost, during MoU signing ceremony at TBI premises. This MoU with strategic significance has raised our hopes of better future, brought back the zeal by opening vistas of Revenue, starting with 3 territories in UP.

Manish Tripathi Meerapharmity Healthcare Pvt Ltd

I express my sincere gratitude to NIET-TBI for providing essential resources such as information, workspace, motivation, market insights, and webinars conducted by industry experts, all of which are indispensable for the success of an enterprise. Additionally, the provision of interns has proven to be a valuable asset. TBI has also facilitated valuable resources in the form of interns and volunteers, which constitutes an admirable aspect of the TBI initiative. As a student pursuing entrepreneurship, all these resources attain higher significance since the pressure of studies, attendance, etc., also exists. In case of The Moronss, I feel blessed since TBI at NIET has provided all these resources proactively, through posts on WhatsApp. Participation in expos at IIT, AKTU, CSIR etc., as facilitated by TBI has refined my idea, made us aware of customer needs while helping in outreach. Mentorship, hand holding by TBI have levelled up skills and projects. NIET-TBI has brought me hopes and energy on this tough journey of entrepreneurship.

Rohit Kumar Maurya The Moronss

TBI has been our launchpad to success for WapVenture. With a furnished office and impactful meet-ups, they've accelerated our growth. Highly recommend their support for budding businesses.

Irfan Aadil WapVenture

RThis connects my visit to TBI on 19/8/23 (Saturday) for assistance on Patent filing. The video that followed on Monday was full of knowledge. I also appreciate provisioning of a contact number so that application of my unique Idea for agricultural and other potential applications progresses fast. I am also thankful to TBI to guide me on potential of business if I choose to convert my aforesaid Idea into a business venture. I will be glad to stay associated with TBI for continuous support ahead and help in realisation of a business opportunity at an opportune time.

Aryan Jain Biotech Engineering

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing support and guidance we received from the TBI at NIET. They helped us immensely by providing us with essential knowledge about entrepreneurship and market information. This motivated us to participate in the 'MSME's Innovation Contest' for women on July 11th, even though we had limited time to prepare. Whenever we needed guidance, the TBI team was always there for us weather we need help in pitch deck or market research. Through the participation process, we gained valuable insights into the business potential of our own idea. The personalized mentorship and domain knowledge we received from the TBI team have been truly inspiring, and they have made us believe  I CAN DO THIS


It was a great interaction with Neeraj Mittal Sir and was truly enriching. He provided invaluable guidance on our three business concepts, illustrating practical strategies for revenue generation. His insights on cost reduction and funding requisition were particularly enlightening, setting a promising trajectory for our future endeavors. We extend our sincere gratitude for his mentorship and the bright perspectives he shared during our discussion.

Shivam Daksha & Vansh Kumar SVS Enterprises

The Technology Business Incubation Centre at Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology has been instrumental in our startup's success. From providing us with a well-equipped workspace to connecting us with mentors and offering valuable resources, the TBI has been a key enabler of our growth. We highly recommend its services to aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders.

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